In the Convert Connections Podcast, You Will Learn How to Master Lead Generation and Create a Social Selling System that Works For You. Guerrilla Marketing Expert Wendy Stevens will Coach You to Success to Cultivate & Convert Leads Into Sales.

Wendy Will Teach You How To…

  • Connect with Your Ideal, Top-Dollar, High-Value Clients.
  • Communicate in a Way that Gets You to a Yes! Early & Often.
  • Cultivate Your Network and Be Perceived as a Savvy, Smart & Confident Leader in Your Field.
  • Convert Your Leads Into Sales with the Speed of Trust & by Being Top Of Mind the Moment they Decide they are Ready to Solve their Pain or Problems.


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Coach Wendy Stevens is an in demand marketing consultant, gifted speaker, a popular trainer at live events, a coach and mentor. Her fast-paced, authentic style inspires audiences, while motivating them to take action ! Your audience, or team will empowered by knowing they can overcome their own personal obstacles, create success to buy back their time and live their best life.

Wendy has leveraged her experience as a 2 Time All American, MVP, NCAA Champion & USA Women’s Lacrosse Team Member. Next Wendy was the architect that launched Vanderbilt’s NCAA Division I Inaugural women’s lacrosse program as the Head Coach that achieved Top 20 Program status in under 2 years. She once again proved that the basic principles of success hold true whether you’re on the playing field, coaching or running your own business.

Your audience will be completely engaged and inspired hearing Wendy share how, after hitting absolute rock bottom struggling through divorce, 90 days from losing her home with two young children depending on her, a tragic accident and death, legal problems, and 2 open heart surgeries she completely turned her life around and created something extraordinary. Again demonstrating if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger !



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